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~*~*~*~*~* The Open Characters of lights_n_inners *~*~*~*~*~
Chibi Chibi
Taiki Kou
Ami Mizino/Sailor Mercury
Princess Kakyuu
Seiya Kou
~*~*~*~*~*~* Storyline *~*~*~*~*~*~

Usagi fights galaxia and wins and everyone is revived well almost everyone... the one person not revived because his starseed was destoried was Mamoru! Usagi is heartbroken and falls into a depression because of it. all the senshi and luna as well as the other starlights stand by her side and try to comfort her. nothing seems to help. the starlights where goonna return to their planet but seiya didn't want to leave usagi and told kakyuu that he was gonna stay. the others yaten and taiki decided to stay too since they didn't want to leave seiya. times goes onand seiya and usagi grow closer and with her friends and seiya's love usagi soon gets over her depresion and starts speading more time with seiya. at first haruka and the other outers minus hotaru don't like the idea of usagi and seiya being so close but they soon agree that if seiya can get their princess back to the way she was before mamoru's death then they would be happy. usagi still thinks about chibiusa and chibi chibi and one days goes to setsuna to ask if chibiusa will ever be born and then says that she wants chibi chibi to have another chance at life as a real child. as her (usagi's) child.
Usagi misses her mother so she makes a wish on the Crystal asking for her mother to be brought back to her, so though the power of the crystal Queen Serenity is revived and brought back to life where she lives with her daughter and continues to train her to be queen one day. Setsuna suggest's that Usagi use the Silver Crystal to revive Galaxia's starseed. Usagi saw it fit considering how she revived her mother. Usagi used the silver crystal to revive Galaxia's starseed therefor Chibi Chibi could come back. Chzibi Chibi was sent to the future where she would become Usagi's second child once Usagi and Seiya got married. Usagi was still depressed over Chibiusa and missed her daughter terribly and once more went to see Setsuna and asked her if it would be possible for Chibiusa to be born to her and Seiya. Setsuna said she wasn't sure and would check into it. Setsuna couldn't help but feel sorrow Usagi was feeling for Chibiusa, for she too missed Small Lady. Setsuna then begged for Chronos to allow her to go back into the past, during the fight with Galaxia to retrieve Mamoru's starseed before it became mixed in with the others. After being allowed to be dismissed of her duties, Pluto traveled back to the past to the moment of which Mamoru was killed in hopes of getting his starseed but she was too late as she watched galaxia shatter Mamoru's starseed and as the shatered peices where tossed into the wind Pluto grabbed one of the fragments and then returned back to the present where she told Usagi that if she combined the Crystal's power with mamoru's starseed that hers and Seiya's first child would in fact be Chibiusa. Usagi was overjoyed to hear the news and after telling the others used her powers to do just what Pluto told her too. Meanwhile Seiya has a romatic evening planned, so ami and minako send out rei for usagi to go get a spa treatment basically a girls day out, while mako is in the kitchen and Seiya is setting up at the resturant with the outers. rei and usagi get her a new dress and do her hair and in front of rei's temple is a limo that pulls up for usagi the driver knows where they are going meanwhile everyone now is helping to decorate or in the kitchen under mako instructions. Usagi walks in and sees only seiya and everyone watches as he purposes then everyone comes out to a magnifcent feast. Queen Serenity was excited when she was told about Seiya's plans to purpose to her daughter and helped Seiya and the other Senshi with the planning of the perfect evening. When Seiya propsed to Usagi she soon began to cry because she was so happy for her daughter.

1)You can be as many characters as you can handle.
2)Try to post 3-4 times a week so we don't have a dead rpg.
3)If you have a character that has "specific character requirements" you must follow through on those requirements as the plot folds out!
4)Try to use complete and appropriate sentences. Write in third person, ie: "Chibusa walked down the hall and noticed a figure move along the shadows infront of her." NOT "I walked down the hall and noticed a figure was moving further along the halls than me."
5) If your gonna be gone for a while or sick or anything like that then you Must either make a post about it telling us! tell a mod or ask someone to temp your part until you return! If you leave without telling us or making a post then you automatically lose your part!
~*~*~*~*~* Application for lights_n_inners *~*~*~*~*~


YOU MUST fill out an application in order to join and get the character you wish.

Name (Real Name or Nickname we can call you by):

Character (Whom you wish to RP, can be more than one):

Give a little info on your character you wish to play (or however many characters):

How long have you been RPing? (months and years, let's not get crazy here):

Give an example description (make it good, it better use lots of adjectives and better be more than four sentences long):

When you are done with the application, make a post with the application BEHIND an lj-cut titled "Application for [insert name of who you are applying to be].
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[icon] ~*~*~*~*~* The Open Characters of lights_n_inners *~*~*~*~*~… - Anime Angels
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