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Subject:Табор ru знакомства
Time:08:25 am
табор ru знакомстватабор ru знакомства

kartoteka — знакомства без обязательств., москва. услуги. дата: 14.04.2012 г. - объявление не актуально.
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10 июл 2012
жанр онлайн фильма: комедия качество видео: среднее. знакомство с факерами (2004). бывший ранее сотрудником цру, джек бернс благословил брак своей горячо любимой дочери и санитара грэга факера.
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желаю клиента на 2ndfl. цель знакомства. приехать к тебе. ищу. мужчину или девушку около чебоксар. что я обожаю. люблю в сексе.
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Time:01:47 am

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Subject:Come play!
Time:12:45 am
Just thought I should say, a crossover, (canon-situated!!) university RPG where I'm playing at is currently looking for players for a number of anime/manga/game series. It's lots of fun, and the players are really good!

(Cross-posted. :D;)
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Current Music:"Do They Know It's Christmas Time" - Band Aid
Subject:Pimp my Game.
Time:10:14 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
So, I have a couple of games here that are looking for players. I hope it's okay to post these here, otherwise tell me and I'll take it down.

ahoy_rpg - An AU pirate RPG that recently suffered a huge loss of players. Looking especially for a Kurogane and a Roxas, as well as a Straw Hat gang and Final Fantasy, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Trigun characters. The game allows you to integrate fandom worlds as islands. OCs allowed. (Seriously, this place has merit just for the religious system.)

moksa_u - A 'teleported from canon' university RPG, in the process of getting back into action. Looking for a Tidus, girl characters and teachers, as well as Bleach and Kingdom Hearts characters. Headmistress of the school is Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHolic. OCs allowed. (And I have to say, the sex ed classes are getting interesting...)
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Subject:Hello everyone :)
Time:02:58 pm
Hi I'm new to this community and is a huge anime fan. Below is a link that works as a welcoming present to all from me. Hopfully you find it useful and entertaining. It's an anime site that I go on daily. It has anime eps to watch, fan art and music and what not to view. Free sign up as well. Very convient. :) enjoy all and be seeing you ^^

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Time:01:16 pm
hello everyone feel free to join my new rpg that based on the sailor stars season! This rpg takes place at the beginning of sailor moon sailor stars with the whole nehlenia deal.. then moves onto galaxia and so on!
Further on down the line like maybe say 6 months to a year after Galaxia is defeated the senshi will come into their full senshi powers and Usagi will become Sailor Cosmos and the other senshi will become Eternal Senshi! Crystal Toyko will come into existance Many parts still opens!
Rules and application are in the user info!
here is the link!

~*~*~*~*~* The Open Characters of sailor_starsrpg *~*~*~*~*~
Chibi Chibi
x-posted in other sailor moon coms!
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Time:11:46 pm

rpg rules, storyline and info belowCollapse )
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Time:12:12 am

Anyone heard of Naruto becoming an anime in America? I dunno when it comes out but I'm excited!

And Samurai Champloo it's pretty sweet.

Anyone seen them?
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Time:10:26 pm
I'm new to the community, so I thought I'd say hi =D

I do have a question: how does one become a professional cosplayer, or like a booth girl at E3? I've been cosplaying for a couple of years and am interested in doing something like E3 (cuz I love to play games too :3 ) or Expos. Thanks!
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Subject:I hope this is allowed if not let me know
Time:08:56 am

please feel free to check it out!
YOU MUST fill out an application in order to join and get the character you wish.
Application and charater open parts below the cutCollapse )
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